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My name is Kim van Langen
and I’m a Graphic, UI/UX and Motion Designer

I am a designer from Amersfoort who manages several programs for online and offline. A love for design and new teAs an experienced designer from Amersfoort, I have mastery over various programs for online and offline media. My passion for design and new technology transcends the level of work and becomes a true dedication. I constantly strive to create innovative and user-friendly designs that make an impact. With an eye for detail and a creative mind, I am able to transform visual concepts into compelling and effective designs. My skills and enthusiasm make me a valuable asset to any team, where I eagerly deploy my talents to create inspiring visual solutions.chnology, online as well as offline. 

Designing different items is a great challenge. A challenge that I not only see as work, but also as my passion. The passion to create beautiful and fitting designs.

I have extensive program knowledge of Figma, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe XD, and SketchUp.

  • Graphic, Motion designer - Muntz

    Working for A brands and SME brands in various branches such as home, industry and food. Developing campaigns, magazines, direct mails, banners, in-store materials, web designs, advertisements, social posts, etc.
  • Graphic Designer Multimedia - CXN

    Online or offline communication, or a combination of both. Creating responsive websites, interactive banners, catchy advertising campaigns, animations, videos, corporate identity.
    2021 -
  • Graphic Designer Multimedia - CRC

    Producing creative work for an integral mix of online and offline communication. To merge the right components in every situation or objective to create result-oriented and relevant advertising.
    2018 -
  • Allround Designer - Creative Builders

    Assessing the assignment and discussing it with the client / Art director, drawing up a plan and coming up with / developing a concept. Creating the design, developing presentations and preparing the media. Then supervise the assignment and outsourcing of third parties. Eventually also keeping the archive and editing various media expressions.
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